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CR1225 Batteries

5 for $7.90
10 for $11.80
Get 15 CR1225 & get
FREE shipping!


Free Shipping in US
on orders $15 and over,
otherwise $2 s/h per order

CR1225 Batteries


Sets of 5:


Easy BULK Ordering
CR1225 batteries
50+ for $0.94 each

Sets of 50:


Price Each
5 $1.58
10+ $1.18
50+ 94 cents

Energizer CR1225 (BR1225)
Lithium Coin Cell Batteries


Top quality CR1225 batteries! You can't buy a longer lasting CR1225 battery!




These CR1225 batteries cost $2.99 each in stores, but you can save by buying your CR1216 batteries here! Also, BULK RATES! You can buy 50 CR1225 batteries for only 94 cents each!


This is the best brand to buy. Although used mostly in watches because of its small 12 mm diameter, the CR1225 battery is often used in many other small electronic equipment.


Specifications: 12.0 mm x 2.5 mm, Lithium, 3V
All lithium coin cell batteries, including these CR1225 batteries, have a shelf life of up to 10 years.


Fits many watches - replaces CR1225 / BR1225


NOTE: These CR1225 batteries are not for the rave lights or photon lights that we sell, but check out the Photon Freedom, the great new LED light!


We are also proud to sell Nukkles massage.


Don't forget our Kodak 2100 mAh AA NiMH batteries for all your portable electronic needs. 



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