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Choosing Colors

The colors you choose depend on your uses and personal preferences. We'll offer you all the colors, but we implore you to buy the best! We ranked our top 4 recommendations. If you can't decide, get WHITE or TURQUOISE!


Due to advances in white LED technology, this color is extremely bright - much brighter than the other colors. White is an all purpose light which shows all colors, as they would appear in daylight. Even regular flashlights are an off white or dull yellow, and do not show true color. This light shows all objects in their true color, so its great for seeing in an emergency in darkness. Its great brightness is great for dance parties. The beam is narrower, and not as good for lighting large areas. Highly Recommended.
Get white for key chains - great all purpose light!
Amazing color, and amazing brightness. Turquoise is great for reading (although yellow has a longer battery life), as the color is not as blinding as the white light can be when it reflects off close surfaces. Perfect lighting any path, since the beam is much wider than the white light (30 vs 20 degrees) and illuminates more area. Finally, this is the ultimate dance light, as it is unique, and very bright. Highly Recommended.
Get turquoise for dance parties or just to be different!
As with the white and turquoise light, blue is extremely bright and popular at dance parties. As with the turquoise, the beam has a wider angle than white, and is good for illuminating a path. Get the turquoise instead.
Red is popular for night vision as it has a powerful beam that illuminates about 20 feet. The beam is also wide, and has long range power. Red is the perfect color for safety reasons, as people recognize it as a warning color. Anytime you need someone's attention, the red light will come in handy. Also, uses only one battery compared to two batteries for the high frequency lights (white, blue, turquoise, and green). Highly Recommended.
Tie red to your shoes for walking or running on streets at night!
Orange is similar to the red, except the beam is much tighter (15 vs 24 degrees). Thus, it will illuminate specific objects better than red, but not overall areas. It also has the battery advantage that the red has. Get the yellow instead.
Yellow is similar to a normal flashlight color, and is easier on the eyes for reading than white. Yellow only uses one battery, just like red and orange. Its beam is narrow (15 degrees) so it would cast a strong focused beam, and not bother others around you. This is the best light for reading if you want good battery life, especially in bed or as a passenger in a car.


To sum it all up, the best lights to have would be the Red, White, Turquoise, and Yellow. These would cover almost every situation you may encounter. Buying the other colors would be up to personal preference.

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